Aerospace Machine Shop in Hortonville, and the Role of Accuracy and Precision

Aerospace Machine Shop in Hortonville, and the Role of Accuracy and Precision

The manufacturing of complex aircraft components necessitates the safe operation of high-precision machinery and instruments. As a result, accuracy is critical in the manufacturing and machining of aircraft parts and aerospace.

The reason it is important is that aerospace machinery must perform at the highest level under extremely critical conditions during flight. In order to make the perfect machinery to meet the demand, fabrication and Precision CNC machining is very critical.

Traditionally, force measurement tests were determined using Newton’s 1st, 2nd and 3rd laws, which are a set of mathematical calculations. However, force testing has been restricted to handheld metrology instruments in recent years.

In a sector with a variety of regulatory criteria and severe penalties for failing to achieve them, ensuring that equipment is safe, fully functioning, and dependable is critical.

AS9100 Standards

The AS9100 group of standards is a set of regulatory criteria for aircraft manufacturing. To maintain the reliability and safety of aircraft, the AS9100 standards require manufacturers to create components in precise quality-controlled settings. This level of quality control is especially critical when busy manufacturing lines are required to produce large quantities of precise, identical components and parts.

Meeting these criteria is not quite easy; however, in order to improve accuracy and simplify quality management, many manufacturers are utilizing metrology equipment and sophisticated force measurement to test components they build.

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