Achieve a Youthful Look with a HydraFacial Treatment

by | Sep 2, 2022 | Beauty

Youthful skin is bright and radiant, with a natural, healthy appearance and glow. It is normal for the surface layers of skin cells, particularly on the face, to appear dull, drab, and dry as people age. Acne or other skin conditions may cause brown pigmented spots, fine lines, skin damage, and scarring in others.

Women and men in Jacksonville have various skin-surface treatment options. One of the most popular options is HydraFacial in St. Johns FL, which consists of three steps to clean, exfoliate, and then provide deep, lasting nutrition and a youthful, healthy look and feel to the skin. This is not your typical facial; instead, it includes a medical-grade hyper-dermabrasion process that is tailored to each client’s skin type.

Step 1: Cleansing

The HydraFacial treatment uses a specially developed hyper dermabrasion tool to complete the three steps of the process.

The first is a deep cleaning of the skin on the face, which is very relaxing and provides gentle stimulation to the skin’s surface. At the same time, it is removing built-up oils and materials on and in the skin.

Removing the build-up of materials on the surface of the skin creates a cleaner and clearer surface to work on. This also lessens the discomfort associated with the second step, which is a factor for many people as it leaves no redness or skin irritation.

Step 2: Removing the Top Skin Layer

The exfoliation with the HydraFacial treatment is different from other facial treatments like chemical peels. There is no pain and only a mild sensation noted by those undergoing the treatment.

The top skin layer is easily removed through the hyper dermabrasion tool, which is gently moved across the skin of the face. Old cells and even materials deep in the pores are removed using a specialized solution and light suction through the device.

It has low RF, microcurrent and ultrasound which helps smooth wrinkles and fine lines. As it works into your skin it trains your muscles which works to the dermis and epidermis layers thus stimulating collagen.

Along with collagen, it helps with penetration. Its cryotherapy aspect helps heal skin and close pores to lessen blemishes and make the skin glow!

Step 3: Nutrients for the Skin

The technician then infuses the skin with specially selected skin care products based on your skin type. The result is a beautiful, healthy-looking skin with the ability to return to work immediately after the 30-minute procedure.

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