A True Neighborhood Italian Restaurant That Serves Neighbors

by | Jun 16, 2021 | Restaurant

Enjoy the best Italian restaurant in Chicago serving patrons wanting a halal food restaurant, too. Started by a foreign-born entrepreneur for patrons wanting outstanding American Italian food, it is the first fast-food restaurant using zabihah halal meat. Now, all the beautiful neighbors can share in the rich experience within.

Be Introduced to Halal Foods

In Arabic, halal means permitted or lawful. Thus, halal foods are those allowed under Islamic dietary guidelines. Examples of foods approved include:

  • Cereal not containing forbidden ingredients
  • Rice and pasta
  • Most fruits and vegetables
  • And many more

The halal food restaurant that is also an Italian restaurant in Chicago is the very expression of our American melting pot. All people who enjoy delicious food come together to dine together in harmony and celebrate their satisfied tastebuds.

An Ample Menue

A menu is a restaurant’s map for journeys into familiar and new experiences. The main roads leading you into your culinary discovery include:

  • Appetizers worthy of a meal in themselves
  • Sandwiches & burgers with necessary sides
  • Gyros that will transport you
  • Pizza, of course — thin crust, deep-dish pan or stuffed, and signature
  • All-American Chicken & wings
  • Seafood and pasta
  • Sides and extras

Lastingly save room for dessert. Or, you can take it back home.

Click on the link below and then on the MENU tab to browse the entire menu.

Come Dine Today

For more information about Italian Express Restaurant, the best Italian Express in Chicago that is your halal food restaurant, too, go online to  or call (000) 000-0000.

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