A Malpractice Lawyer Represents Patients Harmed by Medication Errors

A Malpractice Lawyer Represents Patients Harmed by Medication Errors

Hospital patients sometimes suffer serious injury because of mistakes regarding medication. If the error occurred because of negligence, it qualifies as malpractice. A Lindenhurst medical malpractice lawyer represents these individuals.

Interns and Residents

Doctors employed as interns and residents may be required to work 80 hours per week. Sometimes they may work more than that because the law allows 80 hours per week averaged over four weeks. Hospitals can make these doctors put in shifts for direct patient care of up to 24 hours.

Sleep-deprived, exhausted and relatively inexperienced doctors might accidentally prescribe the wrong drug. They could prescribe a dosage that is too high for a particular patient or too low to have a positive effect. A Lindenhurst medical malpractice lawyer provides free initial consultations to people who have been negatively affected in these situations.


Nurses have somewhat easier schedules, although it can still feel grueling. Twelve-hour shifts are common, with many employees working nights. A weary nurse might misread the physician’s notes on a chart and provide an inaccurate dose or the wrong medication.

Pharmacists and Technicians

Mistakes sometimes happen in hospital pharmacies as well. During hectic moments, a pharmacist may perform only a cursory check of a prescription filled by a technician. The pharmacist might not even bother checking if the technician is a reliable, long-term employee. Yet those exceptionally busy times increase the risk of a pharmaceutical error.

Patients who have suffered from hospital medication errors may find contact information for a malpractice lawyer at The Law Offices of Robert T. Edens, PC or visit https://www.robertedenslawoffice.com/.

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