4 Reasons to Visit a Nutritionist (#2 Might Surprise You!)

4 Reasons to Visit a Nutritionist (#2 Might Surprise You!)

Looking for reasons to visit your local nutritionist? Here are just a few – including one that might surprise you!

#1 – They Know What They’re Talking About

Unlike the fad diet gurus and pyramid scheme product peddlers you’ll encounter on your way to wellness, licensed nutritionists know exactly what they’re doing. With years of education and experience in the field, your nearby nutrition professional is your best bet for expert advice on what to eat, what to avoid, and how to improve your life with food.

#2 – They’re Accessible – Yes, Even for You!

Finding nutrition counselling in your area is easier than you think! Tri-Cities Functional Medicine is one of many facilities that offer access to the advice of nutritionists, as well as multiple other services for improving your overall wellness.

#3 – They Can Help You Manage Your Health Condition

Johnson City TN area residents with a medical condition should consult a nutritionist as part of their overall healthcare. Many diseases and disorders commonly faced by Americans can be treated or managed with proper diet. Just a few of the conditions that might benefit from the advice of a nutritionist include:

• Diabetes, hypoglycaemia, and other blood sugar issues

• Preparation for pregnancy and proper healthcare during and after

• Cardiovascular issues

• High blood pressure

• High cholesterol

• Food sensitivities or allergies

• Digestive problems

• Neurological conditions, especially in children

It’s important to note: what dietary changes can do for you and your family should be discussed with your nutritionist and doctor before beginning any new eating plan.

#4 – They Play Well with Others

Afraid that the services of a nutritionist won’t work with the other wellness services you’re already receiving? You might be surprised! Whether you’re seeing a family physician for regular check-ups, working with a trainer for weight loss or seeing a therapist for applied kinesiology treatments, there are few therapies that aren’t compatible with the assistance of a nutritionist. Talk to your entire healthcare team today, and see just how much a nutrition professional might be able to help you! Visit Tri-Cities Functional Medicine.

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