3 Important Decisions You Need to Make When It’s Time for a New Roof

3 Important Decisions You Need to Make When It’s Time for a New Roof

It’s no longer a matter of whether your house needs a new roof. The question now is when you will have the replacement done. As you get ready to talk with a contractor, decide what type of new roof in St. Augustine you want. Start by evaluating these three factors, and the rest will soon fall into place.

The Type of Materials You Want to Use

There are more options than ever for roofing materials today. While all of them will work, they vary in terms of longevity and other benefits. Your task is to compare different kinds of roofing materials and settle on the one that provides the features and advantages you want. You can do much of this comparison before the contractor arrives at your property.

The General Roof Design

What sort of look would you like for your new roof in St. Augustine? Perhaps you like the look of petite shingles. Maybe larger shingles are more to your liking. Would a roof that appears to be perfectly smooth be ideal for your home? Look at examples of each design and see what you think. Remember that you can discuss the merits of each design with the contractor during the initial visit.

The Amount You Can Afford to Pay

Budgeting for a new roof means being realistic about what you can pay. Even if the plan is to put some money down and finance the rest, determine how much of a monthly installment payment will fit comfortably into your household budget.

Other aspects of your new roof in St. Augustine that you need to consider include the colors, whether the current roof must be removed, and whether you want the work competed before cold weather arrives. Do your research to decide what you would like. That will make it a lot easier to work with the contractor to come up with a definite plan.


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