3 Flexible Heating Elements Ideal for Testing Prototype Products

by | Apr 27, 2021 | Heaters

The creation of prototype products requires a lot of trial and error. To ensure your product is the most effective, you should try out different designs to see what works best. If your piece of technology needs custom flexible heating elements, then you have multiple options to choose from. Learn about four options to test out with prototypes.

Silicone Rubber Heaters

If you seek out strength and flexibility, then consider the use of silicone rubber heaters. You can bend and shape the heaters into small spaces. The silicone rubber helps conduct heat without spreading too much heat through the rest of the product. During prototype testing, you can order different shapes to see how each one fits inside the product.

Mica Heaters

Mice heaters are not as flexible as silicone rubber, but they conduct heat well and can give off a radiant heat ideal for prototype products. Mica material is strong enough to handle drill holes and shape designs.

You can plan out custom flexible heating elements with the durable mica material.

Kapton Heaters

If you’re looking for affordable parts that will last for years, then consider Kapton heaters. The heaters are water resistant and can be cut extremely thin to fit into small devices. Circuits are easily added to the design and Kapton heaters present an ideal option for circular heater parts.

You can order custom parts with multiple materials to help you with hands-on prototype development. The more you work with heating elements, the more you can understand how they will work with your prototypes.

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