What To Expect From Professional Carpet Installation In Ogemaw County MI

by | Jun 4, 2021 | Carpet Installer

After you purchase new carpeting for your home, you’ll need to have professional Carpet Installation in Ogemaw County MI. If this is your first time of having professional installers come to your home and you don’t know what to expect, this guide will tell you what you need to know.

Before the installers arrive to put down your new carpet, have the room cleared of everything that’s in it. This includes the furniture, floor lamps and tables. Have this step done well in advance so the installers aren’t waiting for you to clear the room. If you have a few pieces of heavy furniture that you can’t move yourself, the installers may help you move these out of the room. Unplug and remove any electronics, such as television sets, stereos and computers.

Vacuum your existing carpet to keep the dust down in your house when the installers remove it prior to your Carpet Installation in Ogemaw County MI. Open the windows or turn on fans for fresh air before the installation begins. The odor from the adhesive and the new carpet itself will dissipate within a few days and allowing fresh air into your home will help to lessen the smell.

The installers will begin by taking up your old carpet from the floor. If you don’t want your old carpet, ask if they can take it with them and dispose if it. Next, they will lay an underlay or pad on the bare floor. This underlay helps to pad your floor so that it’s more comfortable when you walk on it. After the pad is in place, the installers will begin putting your new carpet down. The installers will stretch the carpet and cut it to size using special tools that they’ll bring with them for Carpet Installation in Ogemaw County MI. The installers will have to carefully trim the carpet around the edges of the wall and keep the carpet pulled tight, so there are no ripples. After the installation is finished, inspect the job to make sure that it meets your expectations.

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