What is an Artisan Shop?

by | Dec 19, 2023 | Artists

Artisan, although overused as a term commercially, is a word meant to describe something beautiful that has been created by hand by a craftsperson or artist, adding a unique personal touch to customer purchases.

The highest quality

Artisan items are handcrafted with the best quality materials so that they will be able to stand the test of time. The impeccable quality of an artisan product is a reflection of the detail and attention necessary to create one. Artisan goods can be passed down through the generations as superb heirloom-quality gifts in the form of the likes of glassware, slippers??, baskets and bags, and, of course, more traditional pieces of art.

Artisan goods and artwork can be passed down through the generations as superb heirloom-quality gifts. These can be in the form of traditional pieces of art or the likes of glassware, Jewelry, fiber arts, wooden creations and more.

Connecting with artists

Customers can offer their support to artists beyond just their purchases. Relationships between customers and artisan makers are created by a mutual love for beautiful objects and respect for the craftsmanship that goes into making them. There is also an educational factor for customers who are able to learn about their purchased (artisan project) artwork, which results in the creation of a personal and cultural connection.


All handcrafted artisan objects are completely unique, with no two ever being the same. Because they are made by hand they are one of a kind in a way that only ever happens when a maker’s own two hands are responsible for the creation of a product. The commitment and heart that are put into all of these handcrafted products is what makes them all completely unique.

Investing in artists

The person behind an artisan product is the most valuable part of it, with the second most valuable being the individual who purchases it. The Cincinnati local artists who create genuine one-offs and those who support them are those who continue to ensure there will always be a place for the artisan tradition in our mass-produced world.

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