Three Reasons to Avoid Hiring a Minneapolis Car Accident Attorney

Three Reasons to Avoid Hiring a Minneapolis Car Accident Attorney

Getting in a car accident is a headache, and not just the actual headache you get from the accident itself. After the event, there is a lot to undertake. This includes dealing with the damages to your car and, in many instances, medical bills. If you’re smart, you will hire a Minneapolis car accident attorney to help you out with your claim. If you are searching for the right one, avoid the following three qualities.

Losing History

Make sure you check out any lawyer’s case history before working with them. It’s ok to have a couple of cases with poor results here and there, but you should avoid them if their record has repeated failures. You should especially check their record on cases similar to your own.

Unclear Billing

Avoid using a lawyer who doesn’t provide clear terms of billing before you hire them. Generally, a Minneapolis car accident attorney will charge you a percentage of the settlement they get you at the end of the case. If they want to charge an hourly fee or are being vague about how billing works, don’t use them.

Communication Problems

If you don’t have good communication with your lawyer, it’s a terrible sign. If they can’t make you a priority in their emails, they probably won’t do it during the case. Clear communication is essential for a desirable settlement from an insurance company. Imagine how bad their communication is with the other company if they can’t even take their own client seriously.

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