The Appeal of Concrete Patios at Minnesota Restaurants and Bars

The Appeal of Concrete Patios at Minnesota Restaurants and Bars

The pandemic that was declared in March 2020 has continued through all of 2021, leaving people still trying to manage social distancing. The new owner of an established restaurant or bar with no outdoor seating may be interested in creating this feature. Concrete patio install for Minnesota businesses is available from professional contractors.

Chilly Temperatures

Minnesota’s cold weather season is lengthy, but the state’s residents are generally a hardy bunch. They’re ready to eat and drink outdoors when temperatures rise into the 50s in spring. They’ll continue this activity until winter sets in. All it takes is a warm jacket or coat and perhaps a hat. Portable patio heaters might be a possibility for the business.

Warm Weather

During warm sunny weather, umbrellas are appreciated for shade. Minnesota has a reputation for being cold, but the average high temperature in July and August ranges from 75 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit.


A concrete patio install for Minnesota business owners does not have to be large. An area with five or six tables might be enough if there isn’t a great deal of land. The owner might feel disheartened if there’s not a nice view. However, an inventory at other beer gardens shows that most look over parking lots or city streets.

Looking to the Future

Once the pandemic is over, these business owners will find clientele still gravitating to the outdoor seating. The customers want to enjoy the warm weather months as much as possible. When they can relax outside at one of their favorite establishments, satisfaction increases.

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