The Advantages of Using Dab Mats for Your Smoking Rig in Maryland

by | Oct 26, 2021 | Cannabis shop

If you are new to the culture of dabbing, which is a way to smoke products containing THC, it may seem quite confusing with all of the accessories that go along with the experience. One of the most popular accessories that you’ll find yourself using is called dab pads, with one of the best brands called DabPadz. Here are the benefits you’ll get from using them

Cushioning For Your Rig

Mat work to protect your smoking rig from the possible danger of cracking or chipping when placed upon a hard surface. Since quality rigs tend to be expensive, this is definitely a desired benefit.

No Sticking

When you are “dabbing,” you are smoking a concentrate. This can be difficult to get off of surfaces if you accidentally drip some of it onto a countertop or tabletop. If the concentrate happens to drip on your mat, there aren’t any worries because it can simply be peeled off and re-used.

Great For Storing Dab Tools

When you are done using your rig, it may be a chore to try and find places to store your dab tools. Also, there is always the chance of misplacing them. However, if you have a dab mat, you can simply roll up your tools in the mat and put the DabPadz mat in a safe place to be used again in the future.

Relatively Inexpensive

Even the highest-quality dab mats are fairly inexpensive. This means that you do not have to empty your bank account to own a quality mat.

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