Smash That Wall!: 3 Tips for a Magazine-Worthy Home Renovation in California

by | Jun 28, 2023 | Construction and Maintenance

Are you tired of your usual interior design? Are you looking to shake things up with new walls, floors, cabinets, cupboards, or porcelain slabs from Santa Cruz, CA? Here are just a few tips for breathing new life into your living space with a home remodel.

1. Ask the Pros

First things first: If you’ve never renovated anything before, you might need some help. The right home design consultant in Palo Alto, CA can assist you with everything from designing blueprints to putting in orders for specialized materials.

2. Consider Your Budget

How much can you afford to spend on your remodeling project? Whatever it is, set your budget a little lower. You don’t want to max out your credit cards, especially since you’ll probably encounter unexpected fees and expenses down the line. It’s always best if your budget has a little wiggle room.

3. Have a Vision

Last but not least, have a vision for your intended space. It could be a vague theme that you’re planning around; it could be a very specific item that you want to include. If you’re daydreaming about porcelain slabs from Santa Cruz, CA, you’ll want to make sure that those get included in the final product.

These are just a few tips for cultivating a new living space through the power of remodeling. Whether you’re hiring a home design consultant in Palo Alto, CA or attempting the process solo, you’ll want to be diligent in all of your choices and intent about all of your actions. Reach out to Carmel Stone Imports to get started with your material needs.

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