Signs You Might Need to Make an Appointment with a Fertility Doctor

Starting a family can be an incredibly exciting moment. There’s nothing like the thought of bringing life into the world and then watching it grow. However, this process can be something that takes a while, and not every couple has the ability to get pregnant. Thankfully, there is a fertility doctor in Jacksonville, FL, who can help.

When to Make an Appointment

When it comes to getting pregnant, this is something that may or may not happen immediately. If you’ve been trying for a few months and haven’t been successful, this may not be cause for concern quite yet. In most cases, it’s suggested that you try for 6 months to 1 year before making an appointment with a fertility doctor in Jacksonville, FL. Some of the other reasons why you might need to make an appointment are listed below.

You Don’t Have a Regular Period

To conceive a child, things have to be timed just right. If you are a woman and you don’t have a regular period, this could make it incredibly challenging to get pregnant. Making an appointment with a fertility doctor in Jacksonville, FL, may be necessary to determine what is going on with your body and find the best way to overcome any issues.

Your Semen Analysis Came Back Abnormal

As a man, one of the first things that will be checked to ensure that you can get your partner pregnant is a semen analysis. If this comes back abnormal, this could be an indication that you may not be able to conceive. However, it’s also a good chance to find out exactly what’s going on and find a solution to the problem.

If you are ready to start your family but are having problems getting pregnant and it’s been more than a year, contact Jacksonville Center for Reproductive Medicine at Website URL. They can help you determine the best course of action to have a baby.

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