How to Fight and Beat an Assault Charge

How to Fight and Beat an Assault Charge

Are you facing assault charges in Texas? It’s important to know that charges and arrests are different. An arrest means that you’ve been detained on suspicion of criminal activity, while a charge signifies a prosecutor’s belief that you’ve committed an offense. Whether it’s simple or aggravated assault, there are defenses to these charges, and they will be described below.


This defense is commonly used by a San Antonio assault attorney. Here, a person must prove that the assault they committed was a defense against another person who acted violently. Threats must be real and imminent for a person to respond violently in self-defense. The response must be proportionate to the threat.

Defending Others

In the state of Texas, people have the right to defend themselves and others from violence and threats. Depending on the nature of the event, a person may have the right to stop a crime that’s already in progress.

Defending Property

State law also says that people can use force to protect their property. For instance, if a burglar invades your home, you are allowed to use force to stop them. Texas’ Stand Your Ground law says that reasonable force may be used to defend your car, home, and other property.

Beating Assault Charges in Texas

An experienced and skilled San Antonio assault attorney may have other ways to help clients beat assault charges. These strategies may include negotiating to get charges dismissed or dropped before they go to trial. In some cases, a victim may ask that charges be dropped—but that doesn’t always work. An attorney may be able to help by presenting arguments and information on a client’s behalf.

Hire a Local Assault Defense Lawyer

Assault charges are too significant not to have an attorney in your corner. If you are facing charges in San Antonio, then contact Law Office of Jesse Hernandez.

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