How an NY Land Surveyor Can Help You

by | Jul 15, 2019 | Land Surveyor

You can obtain help with land surveying by referring to a full-service company. By using the services of a full-service business, you can close real estate transactions and avoid boundary disputes. Working with a land survey company, such as Rampa Land Surveying P.C., will make any property development or real estate transaction streamlined and easier.

For example, an NY land surveyor can assist you with title and mortgage surveying for a real estate closing. You usually cannot obtain a mortgage without a residential land survey. This type of survey is completed by a professional surveyor – someone who can define and verify your property’s boundaries. The survey also checks for any encroachments by utility companies or neighbors.

Do You Need to Resolve a Current Property Dispute?

Use the services of a land surveyor to help you with real estate permits or with resolving property disputes. Boundary location surveys are frequently needed to verify the location of property lines when developing real estate. Identifying these boundaries is important and requires inspections of the improvements or subdivisions that are part of a real estate parcel.

Do You Need an Elevation Certificate?

By using the services of a land surveyor, you can also obtain an elevation certificate for flood insurance. By having the land surveyed, you can make sure you have the proper food insurance in place. Land surveyors can provide precise assessments of a land’s risk for flooding, any of which are performed at a competitive price.

Staking Land to Check the Legal Boundaries

Land surveys are conducted, as well, that mark the boundaries of properties for confirmation of legal property descriptions. These descriptions are designated in a property’s real estate deed. You can also survey services to conduct architectural or topographic surveys or to perform final surveys for certificates of occupancy. In addition, full-service surveyors perform subdivision surveys – every type of survey to assist real estate developers and property owners in making successful real estate transactions. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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