Facts about Tooth Bridges in Philadelphia

Facts about Tooth Bridges in Philadelphia

A dental bridge is a type of dental prosthesis that is placed fixedly. They cannot be put on and taken off like removable dentures or Invisalign since it is cemented on other teeth or dental implants. They can only be removed with the help of a dentist. Tooth Bridges in Philadelphia are used to replace one or more teeth or gaps in between said teeth. Thus, problems are avoided as the teeth move or rotate causing the patient to repair an incorrect bite. Missing teeth cause an imbalance in the mouth that must be fixed because it can cause even gum disease or joint disorders.

Tooth Bridges in Philadelphia are used to replace missing teeth and are designed to occupy exactly the same space the lost teeth were in. The specialist determines the link between the natural teeth or dental implants. These are called pillars. Dental bridges can be made of various materials like metal, ceramic, porcelain, etc. The dentist will advise you as to which one is best. If he or she chooses a ceramic bridge, the color may resemble the natural teeth.

To place a bridge, it is often necessary to cut some teeth to ensure correct placement. The dentist is responsible for making a mold of the mouth that will serve to create the bridge. In the event that porcelain is used, it will be necessary to set the color of the bridge to that of the natural teeth. With the mold of the mouth done, the lab will create the dental bridge. Most likely, the dentist will place a temporary bridge, and that will be replaced by the final.

The most likely outcome is that the dental bridge will last a lifetime. However, it may come loose or fall out. If the bridge is to last a lifetime, without causing its user problems, it is best to ensure a good dental and oral cleaning routine is set. Also, make sure to take care of your gums and use fluoride toothpaste at least twice a day. Flossing should increasingly be used to brush teeth. Contact Absolute Smile to learn more.

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