Discover if You Qualify for a Free Smartphone and Plan in Georgia

There are Lifeline government phones in Georgia. These smartphones are free to low-income and other qualifying individuals. This federal program allows people to stay in touch with their work, family, and school.


It is a free service to those who qualify. A person will get a cellular phone and a mobile plan. Individuals can make regular phone calls, receive and send text messages, and get voice mail. All of these features are essential in today’s busy world.

This program is not new. The government initially started it in the 1980s, and at that time, its purpose was to give households landlines. The funding department has modernized the benefit by including a cellular device and some internet access.

The Web

People can access the internet through Lifeline government phones in Georgia. The administration may reduce this portion of the policy after the pandemic ends, but for now, users can use the phone to watch YouTube, map with GPS, or post pictures on social media. It is a tool to help communities and families stay connected.


Having the ability to send a text message means parents and kids can quickly touch base, and when the phone lines go down, people can still send and receive text messages. This feature is crucial in an emergency. Users can also send off photographs through the texting portal.


The Lifeline phones are not the base models. They have many features, including call waiting and caller ID. Call waiting will ensure you never miss an important call, and caller ID helps you avoid SPAM. For more information and to learn how to apply for a Lifeline government phone in Georgia, contact Infiniti Mobile at .

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