A Few Facts About Bunions That Plainfield Residents Should Know

A Few Facts About Bunions That Plainfield Residents Should Know

You likely know that a bunion is an abnormal growth that protrudes from the big toe joint and causes pain. However, you may not know anything more about them. Bunions in Plainfield are a structural issue that causes the joints in the big toe to dislocate and shift toward the next toe. If it is not treated, it can affect how you walk and become large.

Many people have bunions and do not realize it. When bunions in Plainfield start to form, they may not be noticeable to a person with an untrained eye. Unfortunately, the joint’s stability can deteriorate, making the bunion painful and pronounced.

Some people are genetically predisposed to bunions. You will likely get one if your grandparent or parent suffered from them. Women are more likely to get them than men because of wearing fashionable footwear that does not support the toes properly. Take preventative measures to keep them from forming or from growing large.

Bunions can be treated without surgery. However, nonsurgical options won’t correct the joint deformity. Toe spacers, bunion pads, and bunion splints can help align the foot to a normal position, which is good for pain management. Surgery is the only effective option for realigning the toe to the natural position through joint correction.

If you are concerned about a bunion, talk to a podiatrist. They will provide suggestions on preventing it from getting bigger and more painful.

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