3 Reasons Why Your Child Should Get the Flu Shot in Maplewood, Minnesota

by | Feb 11, 2021 | Medical Clinic

Most children have to attend school and are involved in different activities. They are exposed to various illnesses. As parents, you have to make sure your child is safe. It starts by finding a pediatrician and expressing your concerns. Read on to find out the reasons why your child needs the flu shot.

Reduce Risk for Hospitalization

Influenza is a respiratory infection that can cause severe complications in children. A flu vaccine prevents your child from getting the virus. It also reduces the risk of your child getting a serious illness that requires hospitalization.

The flu vaccine reduces the risk of death in healthy children and children with an underlying health condition. You can find out more about vaccination by contacting a pediatrician near me.

Reduce Symptoms

During flu season, you often worry about colds, allergies, and other viruses. The symptoms of these conditions are similar to the flu. Flu vaccinations can reduce your symptoms and the severity of the flu. If your child is experiencing congestion, then you would need to find a pediatrician near me. A pediatrician can diagnose your child’s condition.

Asthma Equals High Risk

If your child has asthma, then you should consider getting your child a flu shot. Certain groups are at risk for complications with flu. These groups include lung conditions, asthma, and reactive airway disease. If someone with asthma gets the flu, then it puts the person at risk of complications.

The flu vaccine does not give your child the virus. It also takes up to two weeks for the vaccine to provide protection. Contact Pediatric And Young Adult Medicine for an appointment today.

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