What Is Genetic Testing?

What Is Genetic Testing?

We all have different genetic sequences, which makes us who we are. However, many people don’t know the details of their genes. With the increase in gene testing availability, more people turn to DNA tests to learn more about their bodies and discover the potential for developing certain medical conditions. Learning more about genetic testing can help you decide if it’s the best choice for you.

What Is Genetic Testing?

Gene testing refers to the medical extraction of DNA to determine a person’s unique gene sequence. Taking a close look at a person’s genes can indicate specific medical conditions or evaluate the probability of developing such conditions. The laboratory will look for anomalies in the genes, chromosomes, and proteins that can indicate a problem. It’s a handy tool for gaining an overall picture of your health and wellness.

Uses for Genetic Testing

Genetic testing is used for many purposes, primarily in the medical field. While these tests are often used for diagnostic testing, there are other applications you can consider. Gene testing can also provide presymptomatic and predictive testing, carrier testing, pharmacogenetics, prenatal testing, newborn screening, and preimplantation testing. It’s a valuable tool many doctors use to give their patients a better quality of care.

Various Types of Genetic Testing

Like many other DNA tests, gene testing is available in various types to ensure you get the results you need. Some of the most common tests include single-gene tests, panel tests, and large-scale genome testing. Each type has specific uses. For instance, if the medical team is looking for a particular medical condition, single-gene testing may be the only requirement. However, a more in-depth look may require panel or large-scale testing.

If you’re interested in learning more about genetic testing options, visit the Genomelink website to learn more.

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