What Homeowners Should Know About Window Replacement

What Homeowners Should Know About Window Replacement

Finding ways to improve the energy efficiency in your home can be a real challenge. One area that gets overlooked by many is the windows. This is especially true if the windows don’t look worn. However, if you have been in your home for a while, are considering renovating, or have just bought a new home, it pays to consider window replacement in Windsor, CA. The seasonal weather conditions that the region experiences can place a lot of strain on typical glass surfaces, which is not always apparent just by glancing at them. If you have been trying to lower your heating and cooling costs but still seem to be losing insulation in the home, it may be time to examine your windows a bit closer.

Advantages of Replacing Your Windows

There are several advantages that replacing the windows in your home can offer. The following is just a list of the most common and appealing ones.

  • New windows can greatly increase both the curb appeal and value of your home.
  • Good windows can help reduce the amount of outside noises and ambient sounds that can be heard inside the home.
  • They can reduce heating and cooling costs by helping to regulate temperatures better, not just allowing heat to leak in the winter and cool to evaporate in the summer.
  • New quality windows can also help reduce the UV levels that pass through, which in turn can reduce the amount of sun damage your carpeting, rugs, and upholstery receives.
  • New windows are often easier to operate and work more smoothly than older, warped windows.
  • You can find windows that make cleaning easier by being more accessible from the inside and out.

Important Values to Know

When it comes to shopping for the right windows for your home in the Windsor area, it is important to understand the terminology and common features. If you know nothing else, you should be familiar with these two values when shopping and comparing new windows.

  • U-Value: This is a number assigned to reflect how much heat a surface gains or loses compared to the temperature difference inside and out. For this value, the lower the score the better.
  • R-Value: This is the number assigned to reflect how resistant the window is to the flow of heat. The higher the score the better.

If you find yourself shopping for a good window replacement in the Windsor, CA, area, check out Dream Home Solutions today. They offer a full line of home renovation services, including top of the line windows.

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