Simple Tips For Working with Sequin Fabric

by | Aug 22, 2022 | Shopping & Fashion

Sequin fabric is beautiful and has many uses, particularly in dressmaking. You’ll find a few different types of fabrics adorned with sequins, including organza, taffeta, tulle or mesh. Sequin fabric makes gorgeous clothing, but there are some tricks to working with it successfully. Here are a few things to know.

1. Know what kind of fabric you’re using. As mentioned above, sequins are found on several different types of fabric. In addition to knowing how to work with sequins, you should understand how to work with the particular type of fabric you’re using before you start.

2. Determine the lie of the sequins. Fabric with sequins sewn all over is designed to go one way, with the sequins hanging down. Be sure to turn the fabric the right way before cutting, and be sure each piece is turned the same way.

3. Do not “double cut” sequin fabric. Each piece should be cut separately, in a single layer, rather than doubling the fabric to cut two pieces at once.

4. Cut the fabric from the wrong side. Don’t cut with the sequin side up. It’s helpful to weigh the fabric down while cutting, to prevent it from slipping.

5. Use super fine needles for sewing. Sequin fabric tends to break needles easily, so have a few extra on hand.

6. Remember that sequins are usually made from plastic, so they will melt. When pressing sequin fabric, use your iron’s lowest setting and don’t allow the iron to sit on the fabric. For best results, place a piece of cotton fabric between the iron and the sequin fabric.

These tips apply to fabric to which sequins have been sewn, rather than glued. Working with fabric to which sequins have been glued requires some very special handling. If you’re new to it, be sure to get some expert advice.

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