Grout Repair Service in Houston, TX, Methods That Professionals Utilize at Work

by | Dec 26, 2019 | Construction & Contractors

Grout maintenance is important for keeping a structure upright. It also helps prevent leaks. In commercial buildings, this material is what holds together the tiles of flooring and walls. You will also find this material in various place throughout your home that serves the same purpose.

Here are three methods a Grout Repair Service in Houston, TX, professionals might utilize while completing a grouting project.

Compact Grouting

The purpose of compact grouting is to correct building settlements. Loose granular soils are displaced, fine-grained soils are reinforced while subsurface voids and sinkholes are stabilized. This is a multi-step process that involves injections to make soil more dense. Soil particles are rearranged to allow the grout to lift the foil from underneath. This process is also known as low mobility grouting.

Pressure Grouting

Pressure grouting addresses abandoned pipes. This is an alternative that deals with potential harm by these pipes. Instead of excavating them, they can be filled. By filling them, they are less likely to build up harmful gasses or allow hazardous water into the public water supply.

Chemical Grouting

Chemical grouting aims to waterproof cracks, joints and mineshafts as well as sewer lines, portable water tanks and dams. A flexible, rubber-like product is used by some professionals that offers leak-proof repairs without compromising its water tightness. This is considered a long-term solution that is also affordable.

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