Eliminate Mosquitoes

by | Dec 27, 2018 | Pest Control Service

If you want to avoid the dangerous diseases that are transmitted by mosquitoes, then you should plan to request pesticide treatments for a commercial or residential property. Professional mosquito control for New York properties is available year-round, but the primary problems from these insects are during the spring and summer seasons. However, you can begin thinking about deterring mosquitoes throughout the winter by thinking about what attracts the insects to your property. Mosquitoes seek standing stagnant water for breeding purposes, and these insects lay eggs on the surface of the water.

Clean a Property

When your property has standing water from rain or melted snow, this water is the perfect place for mosquitoes to begin breeding on a warm day. Stagnant water will collect in a variety of locations, including rotting tree stumps, plugged rain gutters or the indentations on a building’s rooftop. If your property is littered with trash, then the water that is in soft drink cups, old tires and other debris create another place for the insects to breed. Mosquito control in New York technicians will also recommend clearing the clutter from a property’s lawns to reduce the population of these biting insects.

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Occasionally, mosquitoes will find a way to enter a building in the autumn to have a warm place for breeding, and this can lead to having biting insects inside a home or a business. Some of the problems that can lead to an indoor mosquito infestation include having leaking plumbing fixtures or water pipes. When moisture pools inside the ceilings or the walls of a building, the mosquito eggs will hatch, leading to insects that will bite anyone inside the business or home. For additional information about mosquito control in New York, contact Viking Pest Control .

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