How to Find the Best Company for Auto Hail Damage Repair

How to Find the Best Company for Auto Hail Damage Repair

The icy hand of winter is painful enough when you are caught outdoors in frigid temperatures. However, nothing can fill a vehicle owner with dread faster than the ping of hail denting your car and damaging the paint. Here are some things to take into account when searching for auto hail damage repair in Denver.

What is the Repair Shop’s Reputation?

If a friend or family member cannot recommend a repair shop that specializes in hail damage, there are other alternatives to find feedback you can trust. Online reviews on Yelp or Angie’s List can be a great help. You can also ask the Better Business Bureau to recommend a company with a great rating for auto hail damage repair in Denver

Once you get a few candidates, call the shop. If you are treated with respect and patience, they might be the right company to repair your damaged vehicle.

How Long Has the Company Been Around?

Avoid storm chasers that spring up in the winter and advertise their expertise in fixing weather damage on cars and trucks. Instead, choose a local business that has been in the area long enough to gain experience with what it takes to fix dents and paint damage due to extreme weather.

Expect a Warranty

Any shop you choose for auto hail damage repair in Denver, should offer a warranty on the repairs they make, and they should be willing to back that up with a guarantee on the materials and work that you paid for. If they won’t stand behind the work they do, go to someone who will.

Follow These Basic Steps for the Repair Work

  1. Call your insurance company to file a claim. Be ready to follow their instructions for getting a work estimate.
  2. Choose a reputable local company to schedule an appointment.
  3. Once repairs are done, inspect the vehicle carefully, and get a written warranty on the repairs.

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