Expert Tips on How to Clean Your Home’s Vinyl Siding in New Jersey

Expert Tips on How to Clean Your Home’s Vinyl Siding in New Jersey

If you wondering if vinyl siding is right for you, the answer is probably yes. Many homeowners who have it installed absolutely love it and it is always highly recommended by contractors. However, one question that often lingers with potential buyers is how to clean vinyl siding. It is actually quite a simple task!

Create The Solution

The first thing that you will need to do is create the cleaning solution for the vinyl siding in NJ. This is generally a mixture of 70% water with an added 30% white vinegar which keeps things natural as well as offers the best resistance against mildew.

Avoid Abrasion

Do not use any abrasive materials on the vinyl siding in Toms River, NJ because it will quickly destroy the material. Instead, use a brush with soft bristles or a quality cloth to wipe away the grime from the vinyl siding in NJ.

Use A Hose To Rinse

After gently wiping away the grime, you should use a garden hose to spray away the remaining solution on the vinyl siding in Freehold, NJ. There are also cleaning products that can attach to the end of the hose so that you can clean siding in Toms River, NJ on a higher story without having to climb a ladder.

Avoid A Pressure Washer

One debatable tip on how to clean vinyl siding is using a pressure washer. While some may feel like it is perfectly fine, others say it should be avoided so as not to allow water behind the liner for the siding in Freehold, NJ.

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